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(Design, Engineering and Consultancy Services for EHV Substations, EBOP of Thermal Power Plants and Large Electrical Systems of Steel plants, Coal & Iron Handling Plants and Misc. Industries)

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    Design, Engineering and Consultancy Services for 161/33kV Kingtom Substation, 33/11kV Wilberforce, Wellington & Ropoti Substations, Blackhall Road Substation and 33kV Overhead line for Energy Access Project – Upgrade of Freetown Primary Distribution network, Sierra Leone (On behalf of BES, Europe, U

    The scope of work shall include the following design & engineering works for the Energy Access Project to Upgrade the Freetown Primary Distribution Network in Sierra Leone (IFB No: MOE/EAP/SLIDF/ICB/1/SSE//01/14) :


    a.       Preparation of basic engineering drawings and calculations.

    b.      Bid evaluation, clarifications and recommendation reports for equipment/materials before procurement.

    c.       Review of vendor drawings and approval.

    d.      Detail engineering comprising of preparation of electrical, civil and structural and fire protection system drawings.

    e.       Preparation of Design calculations.

    f.       Preparation of Bill of materials.

    g.      Our services for inspection of FAT of equipment/material shall be provided as an optional item.


    Above services will be provided for the following substations and OHL works :


    1.    161/33kV Kingtom Substation

    2.    33/11kV Wilberforce substation

    3.    33/11kV Wellington Substation

    4.    33/11kV Ropoti Substation

    5.    AC/DC aux. system at Blackhall Road Substation

    6.    33kV Overhead line 7.6km from Blackhall Substation to Wellington substation

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