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Useful Technical Information

Following documents are frequently required during Design and Engineering process of Power Generation, Transmission Substations and Distribution projects. Please click on the link below to view :

1. Indian Electricity Rules 1956

2. Ampacity table of HV XLPE power cable

3. Ampacity table of LV XLPE power cable

4. Ampacity table of LV PVC power cable

5. Cable derating factors


6. Technical parameters of Control cables


7. Type-2 coordination chart and component selection for motor starters

8. List of Industrial type luminaires of Bajaj

9. List of Commercial luminaires of Bajaj

10. List of luminaires for Road lighting of Bajaj


11. List of luminaires for Area lighting of Bajaj

12. List of LV Motors, Frame numbers, Weight etc. of CGL

13. List of LV Motors, Frame numbers, Weight etc. of Siemens

14. Weight and dimension of steel angles, channels, flats and rods

15. Technical parameters and ampacity of ACSR conductor

16. Technical parameter and ampacity of AAAC conductor

17. Technical parameter of AAC conductor

18. Material constants for Earthing conductors as per IEEE 80

19. Electrical resistivity of various surface layer materials as per IEEE 80

20. List of relevant Indian Standards for Substations and Power distribution work

21. List of relevant International Standards for Substations and Power distribution work


22. Lamp lumen output


23. Conversion factors table


24. Classes of Insulating materials for Electrical Equipment


25. Degree of enclosure protections, IP classes


26. Sizes of LV Capacitors 

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